How to travel with your pup and keep your surroundings clean?

Hello everybody and welcome to Active Pets' Blog!

Today we're going to talk about outdoor and indoor protection car seats, sofas, and other interior furniture while having a pet!

So, we're going to walk you through these questions:
1. What are the benefits of using a dog seat cover?
2. How can I use the seat cover?
3. How do I choose the one that fits my needs best?
4. How do I use the seat cover?

What are the benefits of using a dog seat cover?
No matter if you're taking your pet with you everywhere or leave it at home, you probably face the same issues: your pet is dragging the outdoors into the indoors – mud, dirt, odors, fur, and stains.

Back Seat Cover

It's inevitable.

Obviously, we don't want you to change the way you are behaving with your 4-legged friends, but we do need a solution for the mess – so, what are the benefits of using a dog seat cover?

Well, every dog car seat cover gets you "covered" cleaning-wise, but what are the advantaged we have on Active Pets backseat cover?

*Dirty barrier, comfort layer - Active Pets introduces the latest materials technology. Four different layers create an impenetrable waterproof barrier between your seats and mud, water or fur while your pet will feel as comfortable as sleeping in his kennel pad.

*It WILL fit! - Active Pets dog seat covers specially designed, so it’ll fit every truck’s or SUV’s backseats. With super EASY and Fast

*installation of fewer than 60 seconds, you’ll be ready to go!

*Easy to clean - Crafted with a top layer of premium 600D Oxford waterproof cotton and middle layer of Oxford 210D with waterproof coating your seats will remain clean no matter what.

This what we think are the main pros, tell us more what you think is helpful when using your Active Pets premium dog seat cover.

Back Dog Seat Cover

How can I use the seat cover?
We know every dog-owner have a different attitude towards raising its buddy, so we thought about the additional value that can add to the benefits of using Active Pets car seat cover,
So, we created 3 different ways to use our seat cover! Or shall we say – seat-bench-cargo-cover?
*Hammock Style
*Bench Style
*Trunk style.

Easily converts from hammock to standard bench coverage and serves as cargo cover.
It could serve you indoor as well as inside your vehicle, you can cover the living-room sofa and keep it fur-free so easily.


How do I choose the one that fits my needs best?
We recommend testing a few criteria such as durability, quality of materials, waterproofness, comfort for the pet, the complexity of installation, safety, the liability of the brand, and of course the pricing.
We are certain that no matter what your way of testing is – Active Pets can answer them all.

How do I use the seat cover?
We made you this short video in order to understand how you can install Active Pets back seat cover –
How To Use Video



What about safety?
4 ADJUSTABLE CLIPS - keeps the dog hammock securely in place.
2 VELCRO OPENINGS - allow the seat belt plugs through the cover.
2 SEAT ANCHOR - can tuck into the crevices between your car seats, this will ensure your seat cover is secured in place.
NON- SLIP RUBBER - ensures the dog car seat cover stays in place.